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The October look- How to bind the seams

November 5, 2018



How to bind the seams with the bias tape 


Covering the edges of your seams with bias tape is a great alternative to surging especially since it can work as a creative detail. This is your chance to really play with colour or patterns in order to embellish the inside of your garment. 

For my vest I used cotton bias tape in bright orange that I purchased as it is (3cm wide when pressed open). Another alternative would be to make your own tape from silk satin for example for an even more delicate finish ( especially if you're working on a skirt or other smaller pieces in order to reduce the bulk at the folded areas ). In my case I contented with a cotton tape because I was looking for a more casual looking finish. 


You will need :


  • bias tape, width 3cm (I used 15 meters for this garment)

  • pins

  • basting thread 

  • a needle for basting





    Let's do this! 


    1. Pin the bias tape to the edge of your seam right sides facing each other


    2. Sew with 0,5cm from the edge and press towards the outside

    3.  Cut the excess. I cut 0,5cm off which left me with 2cm for a fold but when there were thicker parts I left it as it is (yoke and the hem)


    4. Fold and baste in place. Your fold should be slightly longer (2-3mm) on the wrong side of your seam so that when you'll sew you'll attach all of the parts together.


    5. Sew from the right side next to your previous stitch. I turned my stitch width to 3 for this and I used the same coloured thread as my main fabric.


    You should have the following results.





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